Jack Miller Jewelry Designers

111 N Tejon St, Ste A
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
United States
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(719) 232-8122
Looking for experienced Colorado Springs Jewelers? Jeweler designer Jack Miller has been creating unique fine jewelry in his Colorado Springs stores since 1979. Now in downtown, Jack Miller is still living his passion designing and making diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and colored gem stone custom jewelry. Jack Miller Jewelry Designers is dedicated to the concept of jewelry as art, and the goal of providing the customer with a piece of custom jewelry that is unique to his or her individual style. We pride ourselves on selecting the best diamonds, working closely with customers, listening to the dreams they have, and making them reality. "Jack Miller Jewelry Designers" is not just a name on a banner; we will design and make your next piece of fine jewelry. Jack Miller, himself, designs and crafts each piece of custom made jewelry, drawing upon not only his skills as a jeweler, but as a talented sculptor and artist.
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