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7428 Trade Street
San Diego, CA 92121
United States
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Welcome to Connect Folks Nation

We solve the biggest problems that local service businesses face without spending a ton of money.

We’re Connect Folks Nation. We know what local service businesses go through. We took are local service business from the verge of bankruptcy to opening multiple locations to a seven figure exit.

We use the things that we learned about business, marketing, sales and Google to help local businesses become successful.


1. No one knows who you are
2. Not enough leads (cold traffic)
3. All your business comes from referrals
4. Not having automations to solve these problems

At Connect Folks Nation we have developed automation systems for local contractors. Our automation systems help you attract more customers, convert more prospects into deals, and do that more efficiently, more profitably,

What sets us apart is we solve these problems without you having to spend a ton of money. We’re not going to try to talk you into Facebook ads or Google Ads where we’re trying to charge you thousands of dollars to “manage” the ads, on top of your “ad spend.”

We know you don’t have a lot of money to spend and you need to be spending your time working on your business. Our automation systems are Done For You.
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